Super Mario RPG - Super Nintendo (SNES) - 1996 & 2008

Game: Super Mario RPG (Super Mario - Legend of the Seven Stars in North America)

Made By: Square Enix (Then known as "Square")

Published By: Nintendo

Released: 1996 (JAP & NA) & 2008 (Virtual Console)

Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

What is it? An action role playing game

Should you play it? It will feel dated, but yes.

What's in the box? Quite a lot actually! This is the Japanese version, which comes with the following:

  • Game
  • Instruction manual
  • Move list (I think?)
  • Plastic sleeve
  • Safety information
  • Warranty slip

As you would expect from a Nintendo exclusive, there is a lot to see here. The game comes with all the usual pieces you would expect, along with a full colour manual and what looks like a combo list of some sort? Unfortunately I cannot read Japanese so I do not know exactly what is written on the card and can only assume. However translations are welcome in the comments!

The manual is full of colourful images and diagrams and serves as a strong companion to the game. Again I cannot go into details, but the pictures speak for themselves. 

The game itself has gone down as a classic with many fans and speedrunners playing it to this day. It is easily accessible on the Wii Virtual console and is well worth a look if you are a fan of older Nintendo or RPG's.

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