Pokemon Blue - Nintendo Game Boy - 1996 to 1999

Game: Pokémon Blue (also available in Red)

Made By: Game Freak

Published By: Nintendo

Released: 1996 to 1999 depending on country

Platform: Gameboy

What is it? A role playing game where you play as 10 year old boy who begins on his journey to become the worlds best Pokémon trainer. You capture wild creatures called "Pokémon" (who would have guessed?!) and raise them by battling them against other Pokémon. These battles happen with other trainers and also random encounters in the wild.

As you progress through the game you fight 8 Gym Leaders each with their own specific strengths/weaknesses to win badges. These badges allow you to control greater levels of Pokémon and use particular skills. Once you have collected all 8 badges you gain access to the "Elite Four", these four trainers are the people that stand in your way to becoming a Pokémon master. 

Throughout the journey you also battle your rival as he also progresses the game (usually one step ahead of yourself). You will also come across an ongoing story arc involving "Team Rocket", an evil group of people who use Pokémon for all the wrong reasons. Who better than a 10 year old boy to take them down?!

You are also challenged to capture all 151 Pokémon although this is not required to "win" the game. Catching all 151 is only achievable by trading with friends who have the other coloured cartridge or yourself if you have both games and another Gameboy.  

Should you play it? You haven't already? It is an absolutely fantastic game that has spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise and is well worth your time.

What's in the box?

  • Game
  • Cardboard sleeve
  • Warranty card
  • Nintendo poster/advertisement
  • "Pokemon Trainer's Guide"

The "Pokemon Trainer's Guide" is bright, colourful and full of useful information for rookie trainers. It covers all the basics required and even has a reference grid that shows each Pokémon's strengths & weaknesses based on their type. It's a fantastic booklet that supports the game and is well worth the read, even just to admire the drawings within.

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