PC Powerplay - Issue 16

Magazine: PC Powerplay

Issue: 16

Published By: Next Publishing

Released: September 1997

Price: AUS $8.95 (NZ $11.95)

Notable Review

  • Dungeon Keeper (PC)


This issue is from PC Powerplay's second year of circulation. They briefly talk about E3 being held in Atlanta with an attendance of 37,000 compared to 70,000 the following year. This is the E3 that unveiled games such as: Half-Life, Unreal, Prey, Quake II, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Metal Gear Solid.

They also mention EA's acquisition of Maxis for the cool sum of US$125 million. Maxis then went on to make The Sims in 2000 which sold 6.3 million copies and became the best selling PC game of all time. Good move.

There is a nice preview for the game Hexen 2 which went on to recieve fairly positive reviews, however many believe the success of this game came off the back of its predecessor. As you can see from the striking cover of the magazine, the main review was for Dungeon Keeper which scored an 85.

Virtual Reality in 1997

It is interesting to see that the wearable "VR headsets" pictured in this article look very similar to the modern day versions. We have no comment on the "virtual sex" article...

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