Nintendo Gamer - Issue 6

Magazine: Nintendo Gamer

Issue: 6

Published By: Next Publishing

Released: January 2002

Price: AUS $6.90 (NZ $8.90)

Notable Reviews

  • Harry Potter (GBA)


This could be considered a quiet issue for Nintendo Gamer, mostly due to a lack of quality games to review. A decent preview of the Gamecube launch in North America is covered to help keep Australian fans up to date. Also, Simpsons Road Rage has a nice 2 page preview made up of mostly screenshots, this turned out to be a pretty good game and will hopefully be covered in the future. 

Resident Evil (The Gamecube remake) is formally previewed, showing off its impressive graphics. The preview mentions how the game has been improved and updated and speaks very highly of its lighting and shadow effects. Universal Studios Park Adventure is also previewed, known as one of the worst games to release on the Gamecube. That Nostalgia unfortunately does not have a copy of this game, but rest assured if we get one, we will cover it.

Golden Sun gets the game of the month for a second month in a row. This is due to the fact that the best game on offer was Harry Potter for the GBA. It received a score of 80 from Andrew Bulmer, is this a worthy score? We haven't played the game so cannot comment sorry.

There is a Gameboy Advance "holiday buyers guide" towards the back of the magazine which contains each staff members "top 5". Notable favourites include Golden Sun, Advance Wars and Mario Kart.

Q & A with Bad Ass

We haven't mentioned Bad Ass yet so we figured it was time he deserved a mention. This was a section of Nintendo Gamer where fans could "cry about something" usually gaming related, Bad Ass would then answer your question in the form of an abusive response. This was a funny section that carried on for a few issues however we were always unsure why people would want to write in? They knew they were going to be abused for asking the question didn't they?

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