Nintendo Gamer - Issue 5

Magazine: Nintendo Gamer

Issue: 5

Published By: Next Publishing

Released: December 2001

Price: AUS $6.90 (NZ $8.90)

Notable Reviews

  • Paper Mario (N64)
  • Golden Sun (GBA)


This issue saw Nintendo Gamer return to 84 pages allowing them to deliver more content such as a 'buyers guide' and also increase major reviews to four pages. They previewed some early screenshots of the Resident Evil remake (soon to be remade again) and also showed the Panasonic Q, a DVD ready Gamecube which never left Japan unfortunately. There are some previews for Sonic titles on both the Gamecube and the Gameboy Advance along with a two page spread on Smash Bros. Melee.

The highlight of this issue is the review of Golden Sun on the Gameboy Advance. Steve Farrelly gave it a near perfect score of 98, a very deserving score in my opinion. (For those who are unaware, Golden Sun is considered one of the best titles in the GBA's library.) The review itself is thorough and even looks great thanks to the games colourful palette on display. He also make mention of the fantastic instruction booklet and map that come with the game, all of which will be covered soon in the games section of That Nostalgia.

Paper Mario is also reviewed for the Nintendo 64. With a score of 94 this game has gone on to prove itself as a cult classic that will also be covered in the games section soon. One of the 'minus' points of the review states that the game is "too late in the N64's life" which was mentioned in the previous issue of this magazine. 

Gamecube Games 

This issue also released a list of games that were confirmed to be coming out in 2002. Some highlights worth mentioning are: Crouching Tiger, Duke Nukem Forever, Galleon, Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero. All games that were never released. There is also a few games that have changed titles or never received on-line multiplayer as originally planned.

Chances are there are others in this list that I have missed so feel free to add them in the comments below.

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