Nintendo Gamer - Issue 4

Magazine: Nintendo Gamer

Issue: 4

Published By: Next Publishing

Released: November 2001

Price: AUS $6.90 (NZ $8.90)

Notable Reviews

  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (GBA)
  • Pokemon Crystal (GBC)


This was a big issue for the Nintendo Gamer crew as they finally had their hands on a Gamecube from Japan. The issue shows physical comparisons of the console to help give fans an idea of the size and appearance. It also has some previews on various launch games such as Luigi's Mansion.

Street Fighter is reviewed for the GBA and scores an 85. This fits as a suitable score as its a successful port of a classic fighting game, no more, no less.

Another review worth noting is Pokemon Crystal on the GBC. This scored an 88 with resident Pokemon fanatic Kelly Starr. She notes that there are "Far too many versions of Pokemon available." At the time of writing this (2014) there are 78 Pokemon games available*.

Pokemon Crystal was the 17th game released when Kelly made the comment about "far too many versions... available". There's no denying what she said, but 18 years later the games show no signs of stopping.

*According to Bulbapedia.

Do you own Paper Mario 64?

Do you own a copy of the game Paper Mario 64. The title says it all: "Paper Mario gets a thin release." This game was released late in the life of the N64 and therefore did not receive the attention many believe it deserved. But, it does has legions of fans and is now considered a classic. The article cannot confirm why the release is limited, however its most likely that retailers were just not ordering many copies in the expectation it would not sell with new consoles on the horizon.

As per the article, the release of this game was indeed limited, especially PAL versions. A boxed European PAL copy can now fetch $250AUD however the Australian versions are getting closer and closer to the grand. At the time or writing this, I was able to find an Australian boxed version of Paper Mario 64 that had sold for $800AUD (postage included). Looking back at this article, we cant say they didn't warn us.

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