Nintendo Gamer - Issue 1

Magazine: Nintendo Gamer

Issue: 1

Published By: Next Publishing

Released: August 2001

Price: AUS $6.90 (NZ $8.90)

Notable Reviews

  • Paper Mario (N64)
  • Super Mario Advance (GBA)
  • F-Zero Advance (GBA)


This is the first issue of "Nintendo Gamer Magazine" released in Australia. Previously named "N64 Gamer", this issue marked a new name and fresh look. The series lasted 21 issues and it is believed that the magazine stopped due to a lack of sales of the Gamecube in Australia.

Within each issue you would find previews, reviews, editorials, news, cheats and fan-mail. Still a favourite amongst fans with some great articles, these magazines are full of nostalgia. 

This first issue launched around the following consoles:

N64 - Available (Nearing end of sales)

Gameboy Advance - Available (3 months prior in June)

Gamecube - 9 months away from release in Australia (May 2002).

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