Nintendo Entertainment System - PAL Version - 1983 to 1987

Nintendo Entertainment System - PAL Version - 1983 to 1987

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System

Developer: Nintendo

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Released: 1983 (JP), 1985 (NA), 1986 (EU), 1987 (EU/AUS)

Units Sold: 61.91 Million

What's in the box?

  • Nintendo Entertainment System Console
  • Instructions/Warranty
  • Power Brick
  • RF Cable
  • Controller (x2)

There are many things that I can say here but lets be honest, its all been said many times before. Instead, I want to focus this on the physical packaging and the console itself. This particular model, is an Australian PAL console, standard edition. It sports a beautiful space themed background that really wants to let the consumer know that this thing is "advanced". It shows off accessories (NES Zapper) and some of its games along the sides of the box, which we still see on consoles even today.

The back shows an image of a family playing their console however I don't know how either of those kids plan to win Mario Bros with their right hands behind the controllers? It also boasts about the technology used to deliver its "astounding 52 colours graphic resolution" and its "zero resistance front loading" ability. 

Inside the box everything is kept safe by the classic Styrofoam filling, a vast contrast to the cardboard we see today. The power brick is designed well by having the lead and plug separate from the "brick" portion, which means this thing wont hog your power board. The RF switch allows you to tune the console to a blank TV channel, however there is also support for a mono RCA connection (Yellow, white and red cables). 

The Instruction Manual

The booklet contains all the usual pieces of info you would expect. I found it interesting to note that it does not recommend use on "front or rear projection" televisions, which actually saw a resurgence in popularity in the early 2000's. Another interesting observation is the use of the START BUTTON as a way to take a "time-out" during gameplay. According to the Troubleshooting section, having the console too close to the television can cause the picture to be fuzzy? I never experienced this personally, but its interesting to note.

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