Mighty Max - Skull Dungeon - 1993

What is it? Mighty Max - Escape from Skull Dungeon

Made By: Bluebird Toys

Released: 1993

What's in the box?

All of our Mighty Max toys have been removed from their packaging so we cannot show you what it looked like unopened. On the plus side, nothing was hidden in the packaging, like many toys, these were sealed behind a plastic mould over a cardboard backing. An example can be found here. The packaging was brilliant with comics on the back and a fantastic cartoon styling throughout.

The toys themselves were a real highlight of many childhoods and this "Doom Zone" was no exception. The photos show how much detail went into these toys such as the swinging bookshelf or the lifting operating table. Keen observers will note that this set has the wrong Max figurine, at some point in its life this toy has lost the original Max and picked up a different one with a green hat.

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