Golden Sun- Gameboy Advance (GBA) - 2001 to 2002

Game: Golden Sun

Made By: Camelot

Published By: Nintendo

Released: 2001 (JAP & NA) & 2002 (EUR)

Platform: Gameboy Advance (GBA)

What is it? A fantasy role playing game

Should you play it? If you like RPG's, yes. It is a brilliant game with solid game play, gorgeous visuals and a killer soundtrack.

What's in the box?

  • Game
  • Instruction manual
  • Map & quick guide
  • Cardboard sleeve
  • Safety information

This is one of those games that has packaging brimming with charm. The artwork on the front is fantastic and really pops thanks to a wide variety of colours used on the epic image of the games heroes.The rear contains the usual bits and does so while sporting a green pattern that seems to fit right in with Golden Sun's style. Inside you will find the usual safety/warranty cards and a cardboard sleeve to keep the game from moving about. 

The game manual is full colour front to back and continues the style seen on the front of the box. It contains everything you expect from a manual plus some extra info to support the game. It is well worth a read and great for collectors.

The final piece is a folded map/guide. This is completed with the same detail you find in the manual and has been beautifully designed. The map is useful and also contains blank spaces to write in undiscovered locations. On the rear is a guide to help provide a quick snapshot of the games core mechanics to support the player. This is one of those maps that would be perfect framed and hanging on the wall of a collectors room. 

With AGDQ 2015 recently wrapping up it is worth mentioning that this game has seen some good speedruns in recent years.

Astrious has done some impressive speedruns of the game and are worth checking out. A previous world record can be seen here.

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