Electronic Gaming Monthly - Issue 194

Magazine: Electronic Gaming Monthly (www.egmnow.com)

Issue: 194

Published By: Ziff Davis (Now published by EGM Media, LLC)

Released: August 2005

Price: $4.99 US

This issue of EGM had a large focus on consoles, both current and next gen (at the time of release). A large article covered each major console following E3 and even graded them. These grades were not given as a review of the consoles themselves, but instead as a grade for their current state. The PS2 scored the highest with an A- stating "with a game library of this calibre, we don't mind waiting for the PS3". The lowest score went to the Gameboy Advance with a D, they summarised that "as a platform for new, good games, GBA is almost dead." This is a fair assumption since the Nintendo DS was already released and managed to achieve a grade of B+.

They also do an article that lists the "Top 10 Game Clichés" with examples such as "big head mode" and exploding barrels. We also included an advertisement page so you could see what a high end gaming PC cost almost 10 years ago along with its specs.

EGM #194 also had a large focus on the upcoming generation of consoles (now known as the 7th generation). When this issue was released in August 2005 the Xbox 360 was 3 months from launch while the PS3 and Wii were still over a year away. It is interesting to see how EGM looked at the upcoming consoles, especially since the PS3 still has the infamous "boomerang" controller and the WiiMote had not been revealed (see the question mark over the controller).

One of the minuses for the still named "Nintendo Revolution" was a lack of DVD support. They do mention that the ability to play DVD's would be offered at a later date, which we now know never happened. People did manage to get the Wii to play DVDs by hacking the console, but nothing official was ever released.

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