Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City - NES - 1990

Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City - NES - 1990

Game: Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City

Made By: Rare

Published By: Milton Bradley

Released: 1990 (NES) & 2015 (Xbox One)

Platform: NES & Xbox One

What is it? A multi-level side scrolling adventure.

Should you play it? If you have a copy either on the NES or as part of the Xbox One version, yes.

What's in the box?

  • Game cartridge
  • Dust jacket
  • Foam insert
  • Instruction manual

This game was a stressful endeavour! In its most basic form you had to work your way down through the environment to escape through a door which slowly closes as time passes. Essentially the same mechanic as the timer in Mario Bros. The door begins to close once you activate a switch which is necessary to pass the level. Once you open the door, the music changes and everything becomes much more stressful. The pacing and style of the music create a strong sense of dread as you race against time. I remember being genuinely concerned watching my brother play this game and the fear didn't subside when I had a go. You have the chance to reset the timer by going back which allows you to map out your journey, but eventually you will reach a point where going back no longer becomes an option and you have to go for broke.

Each level has various secrets and short cuts which can make the play through very easy, however finding these is half the fun so don't ruin your game by watching too many videos online. The game itself can be a bit creepy, especially if you are afraid of tight spaces. When the character dies, either due to time running out or a falling boulder, his body collapses and decays in front of you. This is surprisingly dark for a NES game designed for "8 years and over".

If you are picking up Rare Replay on Xbox One, this game is well worth checking out. It manipulates the concept of time very well and uses this simple mechanic to really up the enjoyment factor. The soundtrack on its own is very fun and has some similarities to other Rare games of the time such as Battletoads. Well worth a look if you have access to it.

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