Computer and Video Games - Issue 171

Magazine: Computer and Video Games (CVG)

Issue: 171

Published By: Future Publishing

Released: February 1996

Price: £2.45

This copy of the long running magazine CVG, had a major focus on the launch of the Nintendo 64. As you go through these images you may notice many subtle differences shown in the magazine compared to what was finally release by Nintendo a few months later. We have tried to list as many as possible but if you find others feel free to add them in the comments below.

Nintendo Ultra 64: The final name of the Nintendo 64 had still not been finalised with the inclusion of the word "ultra" still apparent. This can be seen on the cover and also in a full page advertisement that even shows a logo that was eventually dropped.

The joystick: Take a close look at the joystick on the front cover... now look at this. The original design sat in a square channel, however the final version was changed to an octagon allowing the joystick to reach 8 'edges'. Another design can also be seen in the "Aaahh!!! Real Monster!" ad. This version had a different grip design and sat in a round channel. 

Unreleased Games: Cant remember Kirby Ball 64? That is because it was never released. Buggy Boogie suffered a similar fate.

Different Names: Blast Dozer was renamed Blast Corps. Super Mario Kart R was renamed to Mario Kart 64.

Delays: Body Harvest never made it to the launch line-up, it instead released in 1998.

Unfinished Games: All of the games mentioned in this issue would have been unfinished to some extent. However the screen shots of Zelda stand out. They show pictures from a tech demo released to show Link fighting an unknown silver enemy. Link's face is vastly different to what we finally saw and the video seen here shows him moving in a way not seen in Ocarina of Time. It is worth noting that this was a tech demo for a Zelda game planned for the Nintendo 64 DD which was later changed to the version we know today. 

Other than the huge N64 launch, there is a great little piece that shows early screenshots of Pocket Monsters (which most people know as Pokémon). They also mention rumours that the Gameboy was "near enough dead in Japan".

Theme Hospital was briefly mentioned, this went on to become a cult classic selling over 4 million copies worldwide. 

We also thought it would be worth showing you the prices of games and consoles available in the UK in early 1996. Killer Instinct on the SNES for £49.99? A sealed copy on eBay sold in the UK in December for £129.

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