Conkers Bad Fur Day - Nintendo 64 - 2001

Game: Conkers Bad Fur Day

Made By: Rare

Published By: Rare & THQ

Released: 2001

Platform: Nintendo 64 (Re-released on Xbox in 2005)

What is it? An action platform adventure game.

Should you play it? Yes

What's in the box?

  • Game Cartridge
  • Manual

Now here is a cult classic. In a similar situation to Paper Mario 64, Conkers Bad Fur Day was released late in the life of the N64, that combined with its adult humor lead to poor sales and a game that went largely unnoticed. The game was known by many but owned by few and has since become a collectors item. Boxed PAL versions can fetch close to $500AUD depending on condition and the cartridge alone usually sells for more than the $100 it would have cost brand new.

The manual is filled with vibrant images and extends beyond the standard instructions you would expect. The explanations and stories within it are funny and well thought out and its clear Rare had a lot of fun when they put this game together.

The game is what you would expect from a N64 platformer, it plays just like Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong (both also made by Rare). The controls can feel a bit harsh by today's standards but nothing you shouldn't be able to adjust to. What makes this game really shine is the story, the characters and the world in which they live. You start the game hungover/drunk, struggling to walk in a straight line. You'll come across a busty flower, a homeless bee and a high pitched grim reaper to name a few. The bosses are varied and funny and the music is fantastic. Listen to "The Great Mighty Poo"... yes that's an actual boss.

If you have access to an Xbox or Xbox 360 and have not played the game, you can save yourself some money and pick up the 2005 remastered edition. It's essentially the same game with nicer graphics and only a few minor, yet funny, changes to the dialogue. If you are a collector, chances are you have this game already or have it on your wish list. Conkers Bad Fur Day is a cult classic that finally seems to be getting the recognition it deserves, if you haven't played it go check it out. If you have played it but its been a while, we can say it is well worth revisiting.

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