foxfoxwaltz from Colorado, USA

Name: foxfoxwaltz

Location: Colorado, USA

Collection time: Took about 2 years to actively attain this collection, but held onto my games since I was a kid as a start.

Size: Probably around 2000 games at the largest but I tried to weed out any filler games. Have also tried to keep to quality games and ones I found to be fun to play and keep.

Contents: Mostly JRPGs and their collector's edition, along with classic rpgs.

Favourite pieces: Probably my 'Tales Of' collection of games and systems. Those and my DDR arcade machine which I had wanted since I first saw one as a kid. I found it on craigslist for $100 in disrepair. I managed to get it up and running within a month. It also had $27 in the coin and bill acceptor. Complete in box Virtual Boy is another favourite as well.

Also check out this custom Shadow of the Colossus hard drive enclosure!

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