Bioshock - PC, Xbox 360, PS3, OS X, iOS - 2007 to 2014

Game: Bioshock

Made By: 2K Games

Published By: 2K Games

Released: 2007 to 2014 depending on platform.

Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, OS X, iOS

What is it? A "biopunk" first person shooter

Should you play it? Yes, but preferably not on iOS.

What's in the box?

  • Game
  • Manual

The manual is filled with all the important bits and is beautifully illustrated. The case itself is a steelbook that looks brilliant, the rust and logo are stamped so they stick out like an old metal lunch box which adds to the charm. It is worth noting that this particular design is from the PC version, we do not have this game on other platforms so cannot confirm if this case design was extended beyond the PC.

What about the game?

The game is fantastic as we are sure most of you already know. The atmosphere is amazing and one the most memorable in any video game along with the story. It also has one of the best introductions in modern gaming. If you haven't done so already, it is well worth visiting. It is playable on most modern computers and console copies are cheap and plentiful. Just do yourself a favor and avoid the iOS version. Its not horrible, but it doesn't do the game justice. If the iOS is your only option, make sure you at least wear headphones to increase the immersion.

The game has spawned a sequel 'Bioshock 2' and also 'Bioshock Infinite', which isn't directly related, but has some spiritual connections. Like many other popular game franchises, it also has many movie rumors and announcements that seem to go nowhere. Regardless, it is well worth your time so go check it out! If you have played it before, Rapture is well worth revisiting just for the Nostalgia.

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