Biker Mice From Mars - Micro Machines - 1993

What is it? 'Biker Mice From Mars' Micro Machines

Made By: Galoob

Released: 1993

What's in the box?

Three Micro Machines and a Garage

  • Throttle
  • Modo
  • Vinnie
  • Charley's Last Chance Garage

Micro Machines were a range of miniature toy vehicles released by the company Galoob which is now part of Hasbro. Galoob had many licensed franchises which allowed them to release Micro Machines based on popular TV shows and movies such as these Biker Mice From Mars versions. There is not a whole lot to say about 'what is in the box' because you can see everything thanks to the packaging. 

There is something very cool about miniature toys and these were no exception. Given their size, the detail on the characters is fantastic,however its a shame that more detail wasn't put into the garage. The packaging is bright, colourful and full of character and helps give the product a lot of charm. The promotional image on the back shows all the other characters available in this set and does a great job of showing them off.

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